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Projects in Acoustics

We aim to utilize the potential of sound waves in various acoustic applications. Our research focuses on the development of acoustic metamaterials, which are engineered architectured materials tailored to manipulate sound with the aim to deliver extra-ordinary functionalities as compared to conventional acoustic materials.


Chiral acoustic metamaterials

Chirality is a property of asymmetry, the virtue of which an original geometry fails to coincide with its mirrored counterpart.
In this work, we intend to develop chiral architectures for manipulating sound waves and display some extraordinary acoustic functionalities.

Project leader N. Anerao

Status: finished

Noise absorbers from recycled rubber 

New technology for recycling tire rubber can help to clean the world from millions of tons of used tires. How they can be used? A feasible and affordable solution is to produce cost-efficient noise barriers. If this technology is combined with the concept of acoustic metamaterials, one can achieve extremely efficient noise absorption along high ways.


Project leaders A. Chander

Status: ongoing


Energy harvesting in acoustic metamaterials

Even though acoustic waves carry a small amount of energy, the wideness of application areas, such as sound absorbers near highways or airports, creates a possibility to generate energy from
low-frequency sound. This project aims to investigate the possibility of converting acoustic waves into electricity by means of resonant acoustic metamaterials.

Project leader E. Özer

Status: finished

Spider-web-inspired acoustic metamaterials

Attenuating low-frequency sound is challenging. Promising solutions can be found in the field of acoustic metamaterials. We propose hybrid acoustic metamaterials capable of reflecting and absorbing sound at target frequencies. 

Project leader A. O. Krushynska


Status: finished


Labyrinthine acoustic metamaterials

Sound waves experience friction while propagating in narrow channels that can lead to their total attenuation. By coiling wave paths along space-filling curves, we can develop compact structures for efficient sound absorption. 

Project leader A. O. Krushynska

Status: finished

Stealth acoustic metamaterials

Acoustic metamaterials can attenuate sound and also hide scatterers from sound waves. This project aims at exploring stealth functionality for low-frequency sound waves for 1D and 2D configurations. 

Project leaders O. Wilkins, L. Enrique


Status: finished

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